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That Sober Guy Podcast

That Sober Guy Podcast was created by Producer Shane Ramer. Shane battled a 17 year alcohol and drug addiction and in 2013 he sought treatment. Less than a year later, he started That Sober Guy Podcast as a way to share his own recovery and allow others to share theirs. Today, TSG is one of the top recovery podcasts with millions of downloads across multiple continents. Shane resides with his family in Northern California. Check out TSG at

May 5, 2017

TJ Woodward is a spiritual author, inspirational speaker, awakening coach and addiction counselor who has helped countless people through his simple, yet powerful teachings. He is the founding minister and spiritual director of the Awakened Living spiritual community and he also serves as the spiritual care counselor at Foundations San Francisco Intensive Outpatient treatment program. He is also an active advocate for recovery in the LGBT Community. TJ is in private practice as a spiritual counselor and awakening coach, and the host of Awakened Living TV and Awakened Living Radio.

In addiction, TJ is the author of the book, Conscious BEING: Awakening to Your True Nature. He is currently authoring his second book which is expected to have worldwide release in the fall of 2017. 




In this Episode We Discuss


  • Spiritual Connection
  • 3 root causes of addiction  - unresolved trauma, spiritual connection, toxic shame
  • consequences of being spiritually disconnected
  • staying spiritually connected
  • spirituality vs. religion
  • community around you
  • LGBT Community




Twitter - @tjwoodwardsf



Spiritual Author, Inspirational Speaker, Awakening Coach, Addiction Counselor.


Author of the book, Conscious BEING: Awakening to Your True Nature


Senior Minister and Spiritual Director of Awakened Living, a Member of the AGAPE Association of Communities 




Spiritual Care Counselor and LGBT Specialist at Foundations San Francisco IOP


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