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That Sober Guy Podcast

My name is Shane Ramer. As long as I was high I didn't have to feel. After 17 years of struggling with drugs and alcohol on September 11th, 2013, I got some help. Life is pretty good today, and I like to talk shit and laugh about it all while sharing some of my own experience with the hope that it might help someone else. I try not to take things too serious, and I fold my toilet paper, people who crumple have to all wrong! Check us out at

Apr 5, 2019

Today we share comments and questions and celebrate our wins. We also have a couple of other comments and a questions, one about non-alcoholic beer and if I drink NA beer, we have an answer to which way the toilet paper roll should fall, and then we have a new perspective on “grown man with a glove”at a baseball game. Big thanks to everyone who submitted comments and questions!

Be sure to check us out at also connect with us on instagram @realthatsoberguy and on twitter @shaneramer

To learn more about Heroes in Recovery or if you have a question about treatment you can go to or call 833-81-SOBER 

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