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That Sober Guy Podcast

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Jun 30, 2017

Chris Pesce is in long term recovery, as well as COO of Sober Grid, one of the most innovative and kick ass recovery communities in the industry. Sober Grid is a free iOS/Android app that connects you with other sober people. You are instantly connected to a global sober community in your neighborhood and around the globe. You can build strong sober support networks and inspire. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Try or die
  • How Chris didn't believe in God, and still found a higher power
  • Prayer meditation
  • The importance of daily meditation
  • What Chris's daily recovery routine looks like
  • Passion through entrepreneurship
  • How to seperate work, recovery, and entrepreneurship 
  • Details of the Sober Grid platform
  • Upcoming announcements regarding Sober Grid

Sober Grid


For more information go to


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