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May 11, 2018

What do I do when I feel like shit? I have had a weird last few weeks and noticed myself drifting from my program and routine, and I could really feel it. I was feeling irritated, angry, and I think a case of the fuck its was really starting to spread like a disease throughout my small little human Shane Ramer brain. So what did I do?


10 Things to do When You Feel Like Shit:


  1. Get your ass up early 
  2. First thought gratitude
  3. Drink a glass of water with Lemon
  4. Read for 10 minutes
  5. Pray/Meditate for 10 minutes
  6. Exercise (for me it was walk the dog, then go on a 30 minute run) If that counts as exercise, I've won!
  7. Eat some healthy shit (continue eating healthy shit throughout the day)
  8. Call a friend 
  9. Go to a meeting
  10. End night with tea, water, reading, meditating, prayer, conversation etc.)


  • Its not easy, It takes work, do your best
  • It takes me being mindful
  • How do I stay mindful? I do the shit that I know works! 


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