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That Sober Guy Podcast

That Sober Guy Podcast was created by Producer Shane Ramer. Shane battled a 17 year alcohol and drug addiction and in 2013 he sought treatment. Less than a year later, he started That Sober Guy Podcast as a way to share his own recovery and allow others to share theirs. Today, TSG is one of the top recovery podcasts with millions of downloads across multiple continents. Shane resides with his family in Northern California. Check out TSG at

Sep 7, 2018

Todays guest is Darren Prince. Darren is an entrepreneur and sports and celebrity agent and also is in recovery for addiction. Darren recently celebrated 10 years sober and is a public recovery advocate and speaker. Darren represents many high profile clients like Charlie Sheen, Magic Johnson and Hulk Hogan. Darren’s journey all started at the age of 14 when he started a mail order company selling baseball cards called Baseball Card City and  traveled around the country doing trade shows. In 1995 Prince started a new venture called Prince Marketing Group (PMG) which represented athletes and celebrities for marketing deals consisting of endorsements, licensing, TV, Movie, book deals, autograph signings and appearances.

Darren has a new book coming out called Aiming High: How a prominent sports & celebrity agent hit bottom at the top

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