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That Sober Guy Podcast

My name is Shane Ramer. As long as I was high I didn't have to feel. Drugs took the pain away, and to be honest, I liked being high. I thought I was cool. I even had a nickname, 'Cocaine Shane'. I'm a regular dude from the suburbs in Northern California. After 17 years of struggling with drugs and alcohol, for the first time in my life I took a stand for something. I didn't care what anyone would say. I didn't care what anyone would think. I went to rehab and got sober September 11th, 2013. Now I talk to people about addiction, alcoholism, recovery, and more. If I can do it, you can do it too. Check us out at

Feb 15, 2019

Sherry Gaba is a licensed psychotherapist and life coach who helps people cope with lifelong addictions, including substance abuse, shopping, gambling, food, sex and love, co-dependency, trauma, depression, anxiety, single parenting and divorce. She was the go to Expert on VH1's Celebrity Rehab. She’s also a media expert on HLN, CNN, The Bio Channel, E!News, Showbiz Tonight, and Inside Edition on Relationships and Addiction. She’s also the Editor of Recovery Today Magazine. Sherry has a new book The Marriage and Relationship Junkie: Kicking Your Obsession.  The book was released February 7th and is now a best seller in both substance abuse and codependency.  It focuses on how to break the cycle of marriage and relationship addiction. 

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Editor of Recovery Today Magazine

Host of  the Recovery Today Series

Author of the Award winning  "The Law of Sobriety" and Amazon Bestseller  "The Marriage and Relationship Junkie"

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