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That Sober Guy Podcast

Shane Ramer created That Sober Guy Podcast which now has helped over 2 million listeners. As an innovator in podcasting and mental health, he later created a corporate podcast platform for a Fortune 250 company to communicate about internal initiatives including mental health, sobriety, and other important company culture and business issues.

As a father of two kids and married to his wife of 20 years, Shane is passionate about helping men quit drinking and becoming purposeful leaders in their homes and communities. For more information go to

Jan 31, 2020

Marques Ogden was drafted into the NFL in 2003 and played as an offensive lineman with the Titans, Bills, Ravens and Jaguars. After 5 years of playing in the league, he decided to retire and pursue a career in construction and contracting. A few years later Marques's life began to fall apart, and during that time...

Jan 24, 2020

Chris Bevacqua is a former Addiction Counsellor turned Nutritionist who created Good & Healthy Nutrition. Chris helps people create positive sober habits focused around diet, fitness, anxiety, stress and a positive mindset. 

Connect with Chris at:

Jan 17, 2020

Nikki MacCallum is a New York City based standup comedian, author, and speaker. Nikki's memoir DRY RUN, released by Auctus Publishers in May 2019, is about her life living with her fathers alcoholism and how it was kept secret in the family. After her  fathers final relapse which almost took his life, she decided to run...

Jan 10, 2020

The Jess interviews Shane to take a look back at the show in 2019 and also what's ahead in 2020. We also announce some upcoming guests. 

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