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That Sober Guy Podcast

Shane Ramer created That Sober Guy Podcast which now has helped over 2 million listeners. As an innovator in podcasting and mental health, he later created a corporate podcast platform for a Fortune 250 company to communicate about internal initiatives including mental health, sobriety, and other important company culture and business issues.

As a father of two kids and married to his wife of 20 years, Shane is passionate about helping men quit drinking and becoming purposeful leaders in their homes and communities. For more information go to

Mar 27, 2020

Comedian Mark Serritella joins the show to talk about how the comedy community deals with addiction. We also talk baseball, coronavirus, and Mark shares how he was once booed off stage by 325 African-American  Catholic Christians for telling a joke about the Pope. Follow Mark @MarkSerritella, at and...

Mar 26, 2020

Shout out to my Sunday Session homies, thanks for the fellowship! In this episode I provide resources for staying connected, staying accountable, and also share the 5 things I learned hiking up a mountain with a 66 pound piece of rebar on my back. If your struggling or if your thriving, get in community, it's the key to...

Mar 23, 2020

Crossfit Coach Trent Williamson joins the podcast today from Armada Strength and Vacaville Crossfit North to discuss how to stay fit, healthy, and sober minded during the zombie apocalypse.




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Mar 20, 2020

Mike Collins is the founder of and Quit Sugar Summit, as well as the Board Chairman of Food Addiction Institute. Mike has been completely sugar-free for over 30 years and has worked closely with others to help them cut sugar out of their diets. Mike has also been in recovery from substance-use...

Mar 19, 2020

Buddy C. joins the show to help provide resources and tools to stay sober, stay positive, and manage fear and anxiety through the uncharted territory of the coronavirus pandemic. 


Sober Meditations

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